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I got my first ‘big girl’ camera on Christmas morning when I was thirteen years old. Sitting in front of the tree was a mountain bike for my sister and a Yashica slr camera on a tripod for me. That morning my dad sat with me showing me how it worked and teaching me the exposure triangle. There were no green automatic dials on this thing, I had to do it all by hand. My first subject was my sister riding her bike.

If you add up the years since I learned on that camera they are less than the years of experience I have. Somewhere along the way I put my camera down. Growing up I only thought of photography as a fun hobby. However, over the past few years I had an epiphany. I realized that photography is much more than a fun hobby for me. I found that it is my creative outlet, when I never suspected I had creativity to share.

Now I have this computer that is full of my creations. I think they are getting kind of lonely, or I might just be making this up to give myself a reason to share them. Anyway, they were my motivation for starting a blog. I’m tired of my lonely images sitting there. I want to share them – not because they are great – but because they are part of my creative journey.

Some of my favorite subjects are my four crazy, adorable, amazing kids. I am sure they will appear on this blog. Maybe I should apologize right now because it’s likely they will appear here a little too often. It’s just that they help guide me on this journey that I am on today. And I can’t forget my husband of nine years who gives me never ending support. My family makes my journey worthwhile.

UPDATE 8/31/11:

I recently wrote an article for Clickin’ Moms about my photography journey.

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  • Christy - I would love to know what you’re shooting with.
    You are incredibly talented at catching moments. Two faves are the red balloons, and baby with window blinds. Very handsome photos.ReplyCancel

  • Stacey Haslem - Thank you so much Christy! I use a Canon 5d Mark ii. Your two favorite shots were shot with the Canon 28mm 1.8. I have since replaced that lens with the 35mm 1.4. Thank you again for your kind comments <3ReplyCancel

  • Mark - Hello! Your story is both beautiful and inspiring, a great match for your work. I did notice on Clickn’ Moms it says you use Nikon D700. What inspired your shift from Canon?ReplyCancel

  • Stacey Haslem - Hi Mark! I think both Canon and Nikon make great cameras. It came down to features that are important to me that I was hoping Canon would incorporate. The big one was spot metering from the active focal point. I spot meter the majority of the time. With Canon cameras spot metering is only possible from the center focal point. Nikon can spot meter from active focal points. I toggle when I focus and making the extra step to meter from the center point drove me crazy. Finally, I decided to make the switch. I am very happy with my switch, but I don’t believe it has made a difference in my work. Its just a lot more comfortable for me as a shooter. :)ReplyCancel

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